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Business Cash Management
First Bank of Miami offers an array of solutions to help you manage and grow your business including the latest cash management tools. If you are looking to streamline your accounting processes, increase cash flow, integrate merchant services and more, we are dedicated to helping you make it happen.

Cash Management Services:
ACH Debit Origination: ACH Debit Origination offers you a variety of benefits, including the fastest retrieval of your customer's money and the ability to consolidate funds from multiple business locations into one depository account.

Remote Deposit Capture: Now when you receive checks for payment you can deposit the funds without ever leaving your office. With Remote Image Capturing you simply scan the check and it uploads to our system for deposit. Availability is subject to approval.

Online Wire System: With First Bank of Miami's Business Online Wire System you can access information and process transactions from your computer. Our system is 100% Internet based which means anyone; anywhere with Internet access can utilize it. Wire transfers give you the ability to originate repetitive and non-repetitive wire transfers for both USD domestic and international transactions.

ACH Module: The ACH module allows you to originate ACH debit and credit transactions. Availability is subject to approval.

Merchant Processing Services: Merchant processing gives you the capability of accepting credit and debit card transactions through an independent third party. When your customer pays using their credit or debit card, the funds are electronically deposited to your account using today's most advanced technology. Featuring a nationwide network designed specifically to handle electronic funds transfers, our point-of-sale processing services are geared to your unique market needs.
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