There will always be something that draws people to the coast. The sounds of the sea and surf and the smell of the brine in the air, the promise of white sands and the lure of a sunset and long walks to recharge tired mental and physical batteries are attractions that have drawn human beings to the edge of the sea for thousands of years.

Of course, the world has changed since the first humans gazed over the waves and felt the revitalizing effects of the ocean. Today we expect more from our experiences of the salt – whether we choose to live on the edge of that beauty or visit it.

Fortunately, some places combine the comforts of modern life with the serenity of oceanside living. One of those places is Naples Kalea Bay.

Here five towers of beauty rise above the sands and offer those lucky enough to choose the uncomplicated and stress-free life of ocean living the opportunity to revel in a life freed from complications. You could also see past properties that sold.

24 Hour security and magnificent views over the Gulf of Mexico reward those who want to enjoy life to the full. This development has everything that the discerning homeowner could possibly want. A rooftop terrace with a fitness center, a ‘sky lounge’ and swimming pool offer unending opportunities to put the cares of the world behind you. Dropping to ground level find tennis courts and an adjacent deck near to the ‘Amenity Center’ where options for relaxation abound. From fine cuisine to simply letting the world pass you by as you sip on a cocktail there is always a rewarding experience at your fingertips.

The developers have drawn of 25 years worth of experience in the area to ensure that those who choose the Kalea Bay experience will enjoy a lifestyle that is simply unmatched. This is a development that takes into account the requirements of its residents – and those requirements include the possibilities of just enjoying an unhurried lifestyle that still allows for a quality of life that requires a full experience of the development and the excellent natural environment that rewards exploration.

Even the design of the development echoes care and attention that makes it a place that questions why other events have not followed a simple philosophy of functionality tempered by a commitment to relaxation, joy, and contentment. Put just this is a place that has been designed to give those who call it home a sense of abandoning complexity and complications. Of taking a step back and experiencing the feeling that ‘it’s all taken care of.’

This is what 5-star living is all about. A sense that it is home and at the same time a place that relaxes and invigorates at the same time. Part of that is the sense of community that those who call this home feel.

Kalea Bay is a paradise that is also a refuge from the stress of modern living. It is a place where owners can feel their batteries recharge – and a place to call home.